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A quick history lesson

At Opus we believe in creating a place where everyone works to make things better for each other. But what does ‘better’ really mean? Well to us, it means fair, diverse, accessible, independent and heard. And the world of employment has a big part to play. So that’s why we created Ductu, to help start young SEND adults on their journey into paid and sustainable employment.

We also understand the importance work experience plays in boosting confidence and building awareness, which is why we believe starting that journey during school years has never been more important. That’s where Ductu comes in. It helps manage students’ expectations of a workplace environment in an easy and interactive way, while providing a wealth of time-saving resources for teachers, SENCO leads and career advisors who are more time-poor than ever before.

So, how does it work?

Simply put, Ductu provides access to a host of interactive videos covering everything from mock interviews and workplace tours, to a ‘day in the life of’ stories from some of the UK’s biggest brands. Supported by handy lesson plans and activity sheets, accessible from school or home, they will help prepare students for working life. And that’s really just for starters.

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Student in work

In their own words

Martin Wilby

Commissioner Children and Young People’s Services
Liverpool City Council

Your engagement and delivery of suitable and willing employers has enabled us to make a great start in our first year. Each employer has been well briefed and ready to work with us thanks to your patience and experience in this sector.

How Ductu works


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One account gives all your teachers and students full access. And all for less than £1 a day!


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Save time, build skills, grow confidence. Job done.

Enjoy faff-free learning with an ever-growing library of videos, lesson plans and activities.

FREE Gatsby Lesson in a Box

Here at Ductu, our goal is to provide effective, time saving interactive resources to support SEND teachers, either in the classroom or at home – we understand the pressures of shifting between the two.

That’s why we’d like to offer you a FREE Gatsby Lesson in a Box to give you an idea of the value and time-saving benefits it offers.

Here’s what’s included in the pack:

  • Fully interactive careers lesson
  • Teacher video & PDF guide
  • Student video guide
  • Sector information
  • Gatsby Benchmark Guide
  • Two Hospitality manager Q&As
  • Discussion points activity

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